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Ren Brannigan
Ren Brannigan
IPP Liaison Officer

Hi, I am Ren, the IPP Liaison Officer. I am sure the majority of you will already know me but if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting me, hopefully you soon will. Please feel free to contact me if you need any assistance or have any questions at all and I will do my very best to help. After all, I am happy when you are happy! This is the NEW version of our partners’ websites. Starting with this section, on the right hand side you will notice a blue scroll. This will allow you to scroll down and view more text. We have done this to allow our partners to write as much or as little as they wish.

In The Mediterranean
IPP passionately believe that international buyers must take their time and make an educated decision - we have the properties, the knowledge and the time to help you make that decision. We confidently state that IPP is safe way to buy in The Mediterranean.

At IPP we say "Take your time, Take our time"
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We prouldy present a collection of short videos to welcome you to The Mediterranean and our Company. Each box contains several super films about property, lifestyle and our teams. Scroll through using the arrows to reveal all films.
Customer reviews
Feedback from our customers and partners
  • From Carola

    I am very happy with my decision to buy an apartment in pine valley. It feels like my second home already.

    They are so helpful to me at the office and that makes it so easy to own an apartment in North Cyprus . I also must say that The Team at IPP Northern Cyprus were very professional and they helped me make the right choice.

    Date: 02 july 2016
  • Anders and Anita

    We have really enjoyed our buying experience in North Cyprus with IPP and Alex who is a great estate agent! Thanks to you we have our lovely North Cyprus Home! What we liked about you were that you did not push. You just showed us what we thought we wanted and then you also showed us something we did not know we wanted and we fell in love. We perceived you trustworthy and then it was easy to closing the deal.

    We can strongly recommend buying and giving your trust to IPP`s people.

    Date: 02 july 2016
  • From Eric and Monica

    In 2014 we bought a wonderful penthouse apartment, which was under construction. Not knowing any other Norwegian property owners on North Cyprus, we were sceptical and nervous about the investments safety. We were shown around by several estate agencies, but it was only Alex and IPP who gained our confidence.

    Our summer house “in paradise” was finished one year later. Since we were not able to be present on a regular basis the building company sent us photos and updates. If we had questions IPP were of assistance and helped out during the whole process.

    We can strongly recommend buying and giving your trust to IPP`s people.

    Date: 02 july 2016
  • Katrin and Roy

    We travelled to Northern Cyprus to look for a holiday place. We met a lot of friendly people everywhere and we met Alexandra from IPP (London and Cyprus Homes). She showed us exactly what we wanted. Everyone in our family and our friends simply love it! With best regards from our family in Sweden.

    Date: 12 may 2016
  • Endre

    In the process of buying our villa property at Pine Valley, Kyrenia, it has has been a great pleasure to work with Alexandra Kononova and Sverre Abrahamsen at International Partnership Program. They have both acted professionally and given us full support in all matters.

    Date: 12 may 2016
  • Joseph

    Over the past 45 years we have travelled the globe extensively for business and pleasure. We have been fortunate to have lived in some of the most desirable locations, Geneva, Rome, Brussels, Singapore and the USA. When it came to retirement we decide on Northern Cyprus based on several factors, security, natural beauty, tax friendly environment, central location with easy access to all European destinations and most critical value for money.

    Buying overseas one always has many questions when making such a significant investment. We have been very fortunate in finding IPP. They answered all our concerns. Their customer care did not stop with the purchase of our villa. They have stayed with us long after the initial sale. The IPP “After Sale Customer Care” is unparalleled “personal and endless”. Led by their Director Stephan Menzies the IPP team have made all the difference in supporting our family’s transition to our new home. They are by far the one safe source for property investment in Northern Cyprus.

    Date: 01 september 2016
  • Otto

    First time I came to Cyprus in 1982 (Agia Napa) and I remember that I like it so much that I was thinking "in this Island I should like to live”. Since then I was not here until last year (2015) after 3-4 years communicating with Johnny in Bergen. I decided to take an inspection trip and met with Johnny and Alex from IPP and we together with Noyanlar visited different flats and projects. I ended up with a flat on 5. floor with view over the Mediterranean sea, where I stay in my balcony every morning and have my cup of coffee watching the sunrise...very nice times. During the buying process I felt that it was run with professional people who assisted me with all my needs. My general experience is good and the organisation and then team are running the whole area very good throughout the year. The planning and infrastructure with different pools, a supermarket, fitness center presents a well done job.

    Date: 12 may 2016
  • Jenni Slader
    Date: 12 may 2016
  • Anita and Jim Martinsen

    Me and my husband were introduced to IPP through acquaintances from Norway. The fact that is was an agent from our home country was reassuring and made us feel comfortable enough to travel to Cyprus to have a look at the apartments.

    IPPs home team had taken care of everything, including transport, accommodation and a welcome pack. Everything was professionally done by our desire and need. The home team were really competent and experienced in both purchase and sale, which made the buying process easy and safe for us. We never felt any obligation or pressure to purchase the apartment, and that made the experience very pleasant.

    We are now happy owners of an apartment in Cyprus. With our positive experience with IPP, we will recommend others to use the company.

    Thanks to IPP and the home team.

    Norway, Anita and Jim Martinsen

    Date: 02 july 2016
  • Mats Goldberg
    Date: 12 may 2016
  • Bjørn Espen Wik
    Date: 12 may 2016
  • From Eric and Heidi

    We bought our dream place at Pine Valley in Northern Cyprus.

    IPP’s sales representative, Alex, made this possible for us. She speaks the language, and was both patient and helpful with our requests and demands.

    She also gave us a lot of pointers and helped us to make the right choice.

    It’s safe and secure to have a sales agent who knows what they are doing, and not only interested in making a sale. We felt no pressure and had all the time in the world.

    She explained the whole process, and made us feel important.

    Thank you so much for helping us make our dream come true.

    Erik & Heidi Norway

    Date: 02 july 2016
  • Monica Rasmussen
    Date: 12 may 2016
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